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Vie Investment Properties are no ordinary deal sourcing agent, we were created to offer a new level of security for property investors and sourcers, creating a service that offers the perfect combination of reach and risk reduction.

All deals that are presented by Vie are sourced by fully compliant deal sourcers that have local knowledge of the area in which they source their properties and we ensure that the deal is as advertised or refund the finders fee quickly.

With property investment opportunities with a minimum 15% ROI, growing your portfolio is easier with Vie Investment Properties.

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About Vie

Vie Investment Properties offer a professional investment property deal sourcing service that allows investors to be able to enhance their property portfolio across the UK with BMV property deals with a minimum of 15% ROI.

Our deal sourcers monitor the property marketplace and combine that with their expert knowledge of the region to find investments that offer perfect buy to let, rent to rent and lease option agreement properties to add to your portfolio, or get you started on your journey.

How Vie Works

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a professional and expert property deals sourcing service across West Yorkshire and have partnered sourcers that allow us to be able to expand our knowledge across the UK

Property sourcing

Our deal sourcers find BMV property deals with good ROI
Our experienced team of sourcers monitor estate agents and online estate agent portals to find potential investment opportunities that meet our minimum requirements of 15% ROI on all properties

Deal Sharing

We provide our investors a list of the deals we source
As we find deals, we know that time is vital if you are looking to get the best properties at the best BMV prices, so as the deals are found, we send them out to our investors that have requested them

Deal Management

We made sure deals are sold accurately and mediate the deal
We work with both the property sourcer and property investor to ensure that the deal sale is smooth and as advertised before releasing the finders fee. if the deal is not as advertised we refund the finders fee

If any of the deals we provide you with are of interest, you simply contact Vie Investment Properties and we provide you all of the information needed to take advantage of your selected deal

Please note that any deals that are provided by our partner deal sourcers will be conducted with them however we will ensure to maintain contact with both parties to ensure that deals are undertaken in the best practice and will ask both parties to provide a feedback score on the deal once completed to ensure high standards.

UK Wide Property Deals sourced For Investors

Whether you are looking to add to an existing property portfolio or want to make your first purchase on the way to creating one, Vie Investment Properties offer you quick, hassle free opportunities with ROI in mind.

Whatever you are looking for, our team of professional deal sourcers can help.

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