We are Vie

Vie Investment Properties are based in West Yorkshire and make use of local knowledge and contacts to be able to source and package fantastic property deals for investors that are either looking to add to their existing property portfolio or to purchase their first.

We focus on maintaining a high standard of deal sourcing to ensure that our investors are given the very best opportunity to invest quickly and easily, having the hardwork of being a property investor removed, so you can focus purely on the business aspect.

Time is something that can’t be bought and that means that to be able to invest in property across the UK as a busy professional can be difficult, however our team of experienced property deal sourcers are on hand to do the timely work for you.

Whether that be negotiating a purchase price reduction on an already below market value property, arranging viewings and estimating costs required to have the property working within your portfolio or simply making use of local knowledge and expertise to source properties that you would usually not be able to consider.

Vie Investment Properties is able to present you with a property deal sourcing service that works within minimum requirements when it comes to the level of return of investment a property can present, with our free investors newsletter offering a range of investment opportunities on properties that return no less than 15% ROI or boast a rental yield higher than the average within its location.

This means that each deal offers a number of choices and earning potential and can be used to add into an existing property portfolio or to create your new one if this will be the first time you have bought a property.

Invest in properties that are BMV and invest smarter

Below Market Value (BMV) property deals are widely available across the UK and that is why so many property investors are trying to be able to see which of these properties should be their next addition to their portfolio.

Vie Investment Properties focuses purely on BMV properties and looks to drive an even better discount on our deals, meaning you make more with each purchase you make. 

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The Vie Network

Vie Investment Properties are located within West Yorkshire and that means that we believe that our knowledge and experience in finding property deals within the region is best focused where we know, maintaining our high standards.

While we focus on the West Yorkshire region, we know that many of our investors are seeking investment opportunities across the length of the UK and that is why we have created a network of deal sourcers that can help us intensify the level of service we offer.

This means that we are able to use their local knowledge and experience of attactive property investing hotspots to source and present all of our investors with a much wider scope of potential property deals.

Whether you are looking for properties in Liverpool, London, Scotland or Wales, we have sourcers monitoring the market with deals that could well be your next ideal investment, so make sure that you have signed up to our free property investors newletter to make sure you see the next round of deals on offer.