How We Help Property Investors Buy Deals Safer

When it comes to building a property portfolio there are a number of things that investors are able to control, whether that be their choice of financing option, where they would like to invest or even how they wish to purchase the property.

The real challenge for a serial investor is the ability to be able to find time to find, inspect and negotiate property deals to ensure that they are getting properties that are a good investment and unfortunately this can slow down the rate at which you can invest.

Imagine a world where as a property investor, these sorts of deals were being regularly brought to you, packaged up, complete with a preliminary financials report and a below market value price to really top off the service…

Imagine no more.

Vie Investment Properties is here.

Unlike deal sourcers that you could have worked with before or have possibly seen while networking either online or in person, Vie Investment Properties have completely revolutionised the property investment market, creating a service that not only reduces potential risks but also delivers more deals than anywhere else.

Working with a single deal sourcer could mean that you have a limited scope of investment deals being brought to you and finding a deal that could interest you could take weeks, months or in some cases years!

The market average within the deal sourcing industry usually means that investors are signing up to a number of deal sourcing newletters and lists on which they could receive between 3 – 10 deals a month.

Vie Investment Properties is bigger than that, we offer a service that no one else does to a standard that sets us apart.

Offering BMV Property Deals With Lower Risk

reducing property deal buying riskAs we have created a deal sourcing company with a difference, we have a service for property investors that are looking to grow their property portfolio quickly but still want to be able to keep the potential risks of buying from compliant deal sourcers to a minimum.

We spoke with a number of property investors and worked with them to establish their biggest risks and pain points when dealing with deal sourcers and established our business around providing those investors with the perfect solution.

So what is different about Vie Investment Properties?

As we are not a sole deal sourcer, we have created a network of professional, compliant property deal sourcers that specialise in areas that they know and have local knowledge of.

This means that we have a network of deal sourcers finding the best property deals, completing the due diligence and financial insight and then presenting them to us from across the length of the UK.

With a continuously growing network of pre-approved deal sourcers, the number of property investment deals we have available is unrivalled by any company within our industry.

With more deals across a wider scope of the country, we also offer a risk minimisation process with any deals that we promote, providing our investors with an escrow service when buying property deals.

This means that any property deal that is purchased via Vie Investment Properties will have the finders fee protected within an official client money protected account until the deal has been revealed, checked and viewed by the investor.

Vie Investment Properties will conduct all official anti money laundering and identification checks required by law for a deal to progress and we maintain contact with both parties until a deal is confirmed to be as advertised and proceeding.

If any deal that is sold is not as advertised or is considered as not being a purchase due to legal reasoning, the investor simply needs to contact Vie Investment Properties and the finders fee will be refunded.

We believe that this keeps the deals that we offer of a high standard, offers property investors additional protection from purchasing deals that are not correct and offers deal sourcers the ability to sell more deals through our investor network.

Are You Not Getting Our Property Deals Yet?

If you have not already joined our free property investor deals email, you could have already missed out on a number of fantastic BMV property deals in the region, so make sure that you are signed up now to get the next set of deals available.

Remember, only Vie Investment Properties offers all of our investors a lower risk when buying from deal sourcers, to find out more you can check out what we have to offer on our About Vie page.