UK Property Deals We Offer at Vie Investment properties

Vie Investment Properties offer a wide range of potential investment opportunities and have the additional benefit of being different from other deal sourcing agencies out there on the market, we collaborate with experienced, reliable deal sourcers across the UK to bring you attractive UK property deals without boundaries.

Whatever your investment focus, we have deals that can help you increase your portfolio faster than you could have with simply using a single deal sourcer.

We have a network of deal sourcers that have a range of opportunities for you as an investor, including the following:

UK BRR Property Deals

The BRR property investment strategy is one of the most appealing for many property investors and is based on being able to purchase below market value (BMV) properties at a price that offers instant equity after purchase and refurbishment.

These deals are often available across the country and more often than not come with the need to be able to refurbish aspects of the house to be able to increase the property value after improving the standard of the property.

BRR stands for buy – refurbish – refinance, meaning that property investors are given the chance to be able to pull out as much money as possible out of their property purchase after refinancing, while retaining the property for the rental market and have the property let and self-financing.

There is an opportunity to use these deals to alternatively buy, refurbish and sell houses for a profit too.

This method is a fantastic way to be able to recycle any cashflow investment that you have to start your property journey, allowing you to pull your investment out of the deal during the refinancing stage, meaning that you can re-invest that same cashflow into your next investment.

Lease Option Agreement Property Deals

Lease Option Agreement property deals are a fantastic opportunity for investors that are looking to add properties to their portfolio however would like to defer the purchase of a property to allow the property to appreciate more value before purchasing it.

LOA deals mean that an investor would enter into a rental agreement with the home owner, setting a purchase period in place which is generally between 5-7 years, meaning that you take control of the property and have the ability to rent the property to tenants to allow to create additional monthly cashflow.

These deals are generally done with home owners that are not in the rush to sell their property and often come with purchase price agreements in place that are slightly above the asking price at the time of arrangement, however allows capital appreciation to see the property price climb above that value.

Rent to Rent Property Deals

For property investors that are looking to add additional properties to their portfolio with minimal capital, offering you the chance to be able to enter into property management contracts with home owners that allow you to take control of the property, improve the standard and rent the property out for additional cashflow.

Our deal sourcers have a range of rent to rent deals that are available, covering everything from single let properties through to rent to HMO properties, so we have deals that will fit with your investment strategy.

These deals are more aimed towards investors that are looking to use property to add further monthly cashflow without the need to purchase a property.

HMO Property Deals

With the property market offering a focus more towards the need to rent properties for most people, HMO properties are becoming increasingly popular for people looking to live in highly sort after locations but prefer to rent a property in a room only capacity.

These deals are often good cashflow generators for investors looking to purchase properties and enhance their rental values when compared with single let properties, however could be within areas that have specific requirements and licencing.