How to get a property investor as a deal sourcer

While sourcing property deals as a compliant deal sourcer can be difficult, one of the biggest issues that sourcers seem to experience is knowing how to get a property investor for the deals that they find, something that Vie Investment Properties are able to help you with.

We understand that hunting the best possible property deals within your chosen area of sourcing is time consuming, trying to couple that with lining up an investor that could be interested in purchase a packaged deal from you after you have put in the work to find it can be difficult if you don’t already have a list of investors ready to showcase it to.

That is why we have become so successful at what we do, we bring property investors that are ready to add to their portfolio towards the deals that you have available, offering additional scope for selling your deal at a co-deal fee that is way below if you were to seek the help of another property sourcer.

Usually when selling your deal through another seller, you could be looking at a potential cost of 50% of your finders fee for the deal, not when you sell your deal via our service, instead we charge just 35% or £750 minimum, whichever is the larger.

What does that cost cover?

Usually when selling a deal via another property sourcing agent, you will still have a vast amount of work to be done, they will simply share the deal with their investors and pass the workload on to you to see the deal go through.

Vie Investment Properties help you make that deal happen, completing all of the identification and anti-money laundering checks required to legally sell your deal, as well as ensuring that our investors have proof of funds before progressing

We maintain a position within the deal that will see us acting as an agent for both you and our investor, making sure that the deal is legal, as sold and moves forward as quickly as possible to ensure that the deal is done within as short of a time frame as possible.

How does Vie Investment Properties offer protection for deals sold?

Unlike traditional co-deal selling agents, we position ourselves within the deal to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, ensuring that our investors pay the complete finders fee associated with your deal and holding those funds within an escrow service until both parties confirm that deals are accepted and as sold.

As soon as notification of both parties has been received that the deal is as sold and going ahead, we release the finders fee (minus our costs) to the deal sourcer that same day.

This installs a level of protection for our investors, meaning that working with new deal sourcers they have no experience with is as risk free as possible, as any deal mis sold or not as advertised would simply see the finders fee refunded and the deal terminated.

Interested in selling a deal?

We are always on the look out for new deal sourcers to work with and continue to grow our property investors list to ensure that we have the ability to help you sell your deals quickly.

If you are a fully compliant property deal sourcer from the UK, please contact us to arrange a chat so that you can apply to join our deal sourcers network.

Bringing Property Investors & Deal Sourcers Together

We offer a service to propertyu deal sourcers and property investors that allows for new deal sourcers to be able to sell their packaged property deals with a reduction in risk for both parties.

This means that if you have a property deal but no investor in mind, we could help you sell that deal safely, legally and with some of the hard wordk done for you, for less.

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