Get access to property investments with 25%+ ROI and be part of a limited number of members

Not all property investments are created equally and from time to time there are some big discounts available on property purchases that mean they are a must for property investors across the UK.

We have worked hard to create an extensive investors list that are all actively looking for their next property deal which can be added to their portfolio, whether that be someone with a smaller number of properties or someone with a more extensive collection, however the desire remains the same, get the best value out of every single investment.

At Vie Investment Properties we strive to find and package property deals that offer bigger than average ROI for investors and after listening to some of our investors we have created a new property deal newsletter, exclusive to our VIE VIP members.

While our free property investors newletter includes property deals from across the UK, all within our minimum 15% ROI to 24% ROI requirement, we know that we often come across deals that are offering bigger returns.

This means that any property deals that we source that offer 25% ROI or higher are presented to our VIE VIP members exclusively, giving those investors the opportunity to take advantage of some of the most impressive property deals on the market with a lower level competition.

At the moment we have a number of investors already a part of our VIE VIP programme and will be opening it to new members again very shortly, if you are interested in being notified prior to us opening the programme again for a limited time, please register your interest below:

VIE VIP Details

We know that getting the best return on your investment is vital if you are looking to create a property portfolio you can be proud of and that is why any properties that return 25%+ ROI are reserved for our VIE VIP members exclusively.

Joining the programme will mean that you will not only receive property investment deals starting from a 15% ROI like our free investor newsletter we offer, you will also have access to deals that are over 25% ROI.

Details of our VIE VIP programme are below:

  • A monthly subscription fee of £19.95
  • Monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time
  • Annual price available of £200.00 and save money
  • Limited places available – Less competition for the best property investments
  • Deals 25% ROI or higher issues on separate newsletter
  • Includes property deals across the UK
  • Get 15-24% property deals 24 hours before standard level investors

Subscribe with monthly billing at £19.95 per month:

Save with our annual subscription below (Cost £200, Save £39.40) 

Please note that while we continuously monitor the property market for higher return property deals, the number of deals depends purely on the market and homeowners looking to sell their properties. For more information about the terms and conditions of the VIE VIP programme, please go to our Terms and Conditions page prior to subscribing to the service.