Landlords Warned to Ensure Their Properties Meet Letting Regulation That Comes into Force April 1st

minimum energy efficiency regulation update 2020

Regulation is set to roll out across the UK on April 1st 2020 that will mean that landlords with properties that they intend to rent moving forward will have to comply with a minimum energy efficiency standard prior to being rented, by law.

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard will mean that properties must have a certified Energy Performance Rating above E and for properties that are under that rating would have to have additional work carried out to obtain that rating before they could be legally rented out.

While many landlords will be amongst the many effected by the recent CoronaVirus outbreak across the country in a number of ways, added pressure is being added with the release of the regulation will continue to come into force on April 1st and with a potential fine of up to £4,000 per property looming, it is something that really needs to be remembered.

These are not new regulations, initially being introduced back in April 2018, and many landlords will already be aware of these restrictions, however what is new is the fact that the change will mean that landlords with properties that do not meet the requirement and were previously outside of the deadline will now be included under the change.

This means that no property will be legally allowed to be rented or leased if it has an Energy Performance Rating below the required E standard.