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We source BMV property deals and offer them to investors that are looking to add to their current portfolio or get on their way to creating one, with deals that return at least a 15% ROI or strong rental yield

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UK Property Deals

UK property deals are available across the country but for property investors, sometimes finding profitable deals that can provide them with a good return of investment can be difficult, whether that be because of a limited investment area or simply due to a lack of time.

Vie Investment Properties are known to provide a large number of UK property deals that are perfect for investors to add to their own portfolio, whether you are looking to purchase a property to flip or add another buy to let property to your growing portfolio.

Unlike other deal sourcing companies, we have a UK coverage and make use of compliant deal sourcers that have a real knowledge of the areas in which they source, allowing for them to use their knowledge to find some of the best value property deals in the UK from any deal sourcing agency in the country.

Property Deals UK

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One Company, One Solution

Vie Investment Properties take the property investment market to a new level, providing our investors with a complete range of services that can help them to grow their property portfolio with impressive properties that return great returns of investment with a hassle free, hands off approach.

With over 15 years of experience handling facilities management to commercial and educational facilities and a direct link with high quality tradesmen that we have a working relationship with, Vie Investment Properties Limited can now offer a complete, turn key investment solution.

The launch of our service means that our investors have been able to add new properties to their portfolio with minimal time and effort, while delivering high quality investment opportunities and man managed projects to see through any refurbishments that are required.

We can even help you to find the perfect letting agent for your new investment, meaning that you can now make your money work smarter and know that you are in safe hands, generating cashflow to continue to grow your personal wealth.

Sourcing UK Property Deals

We are the leading property deal sourcing company within West Yorkshire and we have created an industry leading service that combines local knowledge and expertise with researched and already negotated property deals that are perfect for investors on the look out for new additions to their portfolio.

In order to offer a superior level of property sourcing service within the UK property market, we have also partnered with a range of deal finders that specialise in areas outside of ours, allowing us to be able to offer investors more deals, more opportunities and faster portfolio growth potential.

All of the deals that we provide to our investor list have to meet specific requirements and standards, meaning that no deal will offer you less than 15% ROI on traditional buy to let properties and any rental yield will always be greater than the areas average.

Remember that we solely focus on UK property deals that are already below market value (BMV), so each of the deals that we offer should offer you a great return of investment.

If there is a deal to be found, we'll find it and share it with you

Vie Investment Properties stand by our standards and strive to ensure that all property deals across the UK are found, assessed and presented to our investor list, meaning that if you are looking for a new property, we are the place to be.

Get the best UK Property Deals sourced and presented to you as soon as we find them and build your property portfolio the right way, profitably.

Why We Are Different

We are often asked about what makes Vie Investment Properties different from other property deal sourcers across the UK and we know that ensuring that we provide you with a level of service that will make you want to make us your go to sourcing agency should be at the forefront of every move me make.

At Vie Investment Properties we prefer to offer property investors the opportunity to be able to add BMV properties to their portfolio across the UK, meaning that each deal newsletter that we send out offers a wide range of opportunities for you to consider.

While we are experts within our Yorkshire region, we want to offer investors every possible deal available at any given time on the market and through a network of specially selected sourcing partners, we can find deals from across the country.

No matter where the best investment deals are, we have access to them and they are all ready for your consideration in our next deals offering, so make sure you have at least joined our FREE UK Property Deals newsletter for BMV property deals between 15% – 24% ROI.

For serious investors that would like bigger ROI properties, be sure to check out our VIE VIP programme.

Need specific Property Deals Across the UK?

Are you only looking to add a specific type of property to your portfolio but don’t know of a company that can source the deals for you? 

Vie Investment Properties has an extensive network of property deal finders across the UK and we believe that with their help and our team of experienced property deal sourcers; if there is a deal out there that matches your requirement, we’ll find it.

Simply contact our team with your requirements and once confirmed we will ensure that any property that matches them completely is presented to you, if there is nothing out there that matches it, we will continue to monitor the market until it does.

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Vie Investment Properties focus on finding the best UK property deals that the country has to offer and will never share a deal that does not meet our minimum requirements, making sure our service is one you can rely on.

While we push to ensure that all investors are offered the chance to be able to add fantastic properties to their portfolio with great ROI, our free investor deals newsletter will only feature properties between 15 – 24% ROI.

We have a number of property investors that want to be able to enhance their portfolio with even higher levels of ROI and to enable those investors to be able to increase their chances of securing those deals, those are solely included within our VIE VIP offering.

If you would like to added to the list of investors looking to capitalise on UK property deals that offer 25%+ ROI, please take a look at joining VIE VIP.


Vie Investment Properties offer a professional service that combines UK property deals found by knowledgeable deal sourcers and risk minimalization for property investors.

We offer a free to join investors deals newsletter that provides our investors with property deals between 15 – 24% ROI and have a premium subscription service that offers property deals across the UK with 25%+ ROI.

For more information, check out our website.

Vie Investment Properties brings property investment deals to you, sending them to your inbox on a weekly basis and featuring deals that offer a minimum 15% ROI.

Our service offers a reduction of risk when buying from deal sourcers that you have never worked with, using our escrow service to ensure that finders fees are only released once a deal has been revealed, inspected and both parties agree meets requirements.

If the deal doesn’t stack, you get your fee back.

The UK housing market has a wide range of deals that can be purchased for higher returns on investment, however getting the best deals can be difficult if you either don’t have the time to view properties or to negotiate cheaper deals to make them more attractive as an investment.

Vie Investment Properties have a large network of compliant property deal sourcers that locate and negotiate property deals to provide investors a solid return on their investment, we then create an easy to read email of the deals that contains information about each opportunity and present that to you via email every week.

While the North West of England is deemed to be a fantastic place for property investors at the moment, we believe that the best deals are the ones that provide you with the best level of return, no matter where they are.